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What is the ART in the CITY programmes?

azleeThe goal of these programmes to expose
enthutiasts and art lovers with the different art types available throughout the year. It happens every weekend when weekdays are filled with our corporate training and school teaching.

We are supported with industry experts who are leaders in their crafts.



Adult Class Schedule

Saturday 10am - 12pm
Sunday 11am - 1pm
Public Holidays 10am - 12pm

*Please note that the above class schedule may be changed without any prior notice


WEEKEND ART WORKSHOPS - Experiential Art (3-Month Outlook)

  > Batik
> Recycle/Upcycle - Metal
> Plasticity
> Toy Making


  > Shell Art
> Chinese Drum Craft (CNY theme)
> Chinese Paper Cut
> Woodwork - Frames

> Shrink Art
> Flower Craft
> Caricature
> Screen Printing

  > Printmaking
> Macrame (Hanging Pots)
> Easter Egg Crafts
> Stencilling + Creating Stencils
  > Headdress - Crowns & Tiaras
> Open Jar Terrariums
> Pyrography
> Paper Mache


  > Metal Tooling - Badges & Emblems
> Lantern Craft
> Masks
> Woodwork - Stools
  > Wire Art Names
> Paper Craft Bumboats
> Carving
> Peranakan Crafts - Mangkok Tingkat (Tiffin Carrier)


  > Water Color Creations
> Lets Make Kites
> Sand Bottle Art
> Weaving Rugs and Coasters

> Chalk Art (Signboard/3D Street Art)
> Calligraphy
> Puppet Craft
> Childhood Games (Chapteh & Five Stones)

OCTOBER   > Claycraft (Pots, Cups & Sauces)
> Festival of Colors -Holi Special (Indian Drums)
> Fabric Painting (Bags, Cushions & Jackets)
> Tile Painting
NOVEMBER   > Sign Crafts
> Scratch Art / Scrapper Board
> Corrugated Crafts
> Tie & Dye with Natural Dyes


  > Embossed Foil
> Trompe loil - Mural Art
> Glass Painting
> Sewing (Tote Bags)

How to Enroll

Apply for classes in person, by person or email. Students are only accepted through advance booking and payment.

If you are unable to attend a class that you have book, please inform us at least 24 hours in advance and we will be abole to replace your class on a later date

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Unless the sessions are booked, we hold free sessions as introduction to the craft occasionally. Please write in to enquire and book a place in a session. Each session last 2 hours. MORE>>

Basic materials for use during course will be provided. Additional materials may be bought at special rates from our artshop. All fees include materials used throughout the course. Apart from a small fee to cover the material and venue rental cost. Unless stated only the completed work are allowed to be brought back.

PRIVATE SESSIONS can be arranged to suit your schedule. Please contact our staff for more details. View here for private class >>

If you would like more information or quotes about our classes or products, please contact us, text, Whatsapp (Mohamad HP 98686008) or email us at



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